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with ms

Become a part of our MS Community. NMSS is here to provide the learning resources, advice, and information you need to understand MS and move forward.

Line illustration of how Multiple Sclerosis affects the nerves.
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multiple sclerosis


About Us.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is an NGO operating out of the UAE. We are a group of committed local and international experts, medical professionals, strategic advisors, MS ambassadors and volunteers working to ensure that people affected by MS can access high quality care, receive emotional support, and get the guidance that they need through reliable resources.

Support our Mission.

Join our mission to improve the lives of people with MS. Your support matters – visit our fundraising page on the Ma'an Social Contribution Platform and donate. Together, let's raise awareness, provide crucial support, and advance research towards finding a cure for MS.
MS Strong
In order to help people in the UAE manage MS through exercise, we have launched MS Strong, a series of complimentary health and wellbeing classes for those directly affected by MS, as well as friends and family members.

muna al harbi | diagnosed since 2015

I overcame the depression, isolation, anger and fear by seeking out a community who can help and support me.

Help others going through MS by sharing your own story and make a difference.