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Advancing Research

As part of our work to advance the global efforts into finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, we are delighted to announce that we are accepting proposals for research projects currently looking for funding support.
Proposals should be for projects which address one or more of thefollowing priorities:  


Advancing innovative and emerging treatments that can slow, stop, or reverse MS.


Understanding the clinical characteristics, epidemiology, incidence, and prevalence of MS in the UAE.


Understanding the role of genetics in MS in the UAE and globally.


Uncovering suspected risk factors for MS in the UAE population.


Understanding the efficacy and effect of specific treatments on populations in the UAE, including new treatments in clinical trials, RIS/CIS treatments, DMTs andCOVID-19 severity, pregnancy and DMTs.


Exploring the state of access to treatment in the UAE, MENA region and globally.

Submit a Proposal

Interested researchers should fill in the documents listed below and submit to: and

Research Application Form
Exemption Form

If data will be transferred outside.

Protocol / Proposal
CVs/GCPs For The Research Team
Data Collection Sheet

If applicable

Consent Form

If applicable

Survey / Questionnaire

If applicable

Other Resources

DOH Standard on Human Subject Research
Conducting Clinical Trials Guidelines

The deadline for submission is 30 August 2023.
Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the submission by October 2023.

The application grant cycle for 2023 is now closed. Keep your eyes open for future grant announcements.

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